Why Janine

When you have Janine’s Bookkeeping LLC help you with your financial information, you get more than just a bookkeeper, you get a trusted advisor. People have an emotional connection to their money and I am able to give an objective realistic view of situations and budgets but at the same time understand this emotion.

Janine’s accounting education and experience in a multi-billion dollar investment firm has given her the primary fundamentals in dealing with your money. Her prior small business ownership has given her the insight every small business owner needs to meet success.

Not only does Janine’s Bookkeeping LLC offer a wide variety of bookkeeping services, but they take the time to help you become more efficient with your procedures, saving you time and money. By evaluating how you handle everything from cash to inventory we will help you by setting up various workflows for you and your employees to keep everything organized and accurate.

We also sit with you on a monthly or quarterly basis and review your financial state. With easy to understand graphs and charts, we look at where your business is financially and, if be, work out a plan to help improve your financial health.

Janine’s Bookkeeping LLC helps to give you peace of mind when it comes to something as precious as your business.